I was born in Stourbridge into a massive family, half from the UK and half from Malta. Music was always played around the house; from the Foo Fighters and Green Day to Elvis and Fleetwood Mac. I was always particularly drawn to country and folk music for the stories they would tell, and how they could connect with listeners and evoke emotion so quickly. As I grew up, my parents must have sat through hours and hours of 'Issy Shows', until it reached the point of secondary school and I realised performing was all I really wanted to do, so I taught myself the guitar and piano in order to write my own music and perform solo. I started performing around Cheltenham (where I now live) when I was 14, mainly busking around town and the occasional gig. Since then, I have been honoured to play a host of local venues such as The Outdoor Inn, Smokey Joes, Cotswold Farm Park and The Stable, as well as many Cotswoldian pubs. I've performed at events throughout The Midlands and South West such as Cornbury Festival, Cheltenham Jazz Festival & Lakefest. Following the first lockdown in March 2020, I worked on a collaborative series throughout my social medias with nine different emerging artists, which I am so proud to have released onto all streaming platforms as ' Lockdown: Live'. Working alongside Gloucestershire based charity The Music Works as an UPSURGE artist, I have a lot of of exciting things coming for 2021/22...

 I still get just as much joy from gigging and writing as I always have - if not more and more each day - and love performing for new audiences and new venues regularly. Hit the email button below to enquire about performances, collaborations or questions!

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