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h e l l o !

My name's Issy; thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site!

Please read below to find out a bit more about my music and my influences, or click the links to here to listen for yourself!

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m y  s t o r y

As cliché as it sounds, I have been singing and creating music all my life. Growing up, I was surrounded by music, with everything from pop and rock, to country and folk, to theatre and classical! This leant itself to developing a sound that hopefully encompasses this wide range of influence; I love taking the story-telling elements of folk songwriting, combining it with detailed and thought-out production, while still having a commercial, pop appeal. 

Songwriting provides such a creative outlet for my experiences, thoughts and feelings, and I feel so passionate about writing music to which people can relate and connect. I am such a perfectionist with the music I put out because each track means so much to me, and I really hope this translates.

I've been performing live since I was 13 (over 9 years ago now!), and have been lucky enough to play some incredible events and venues - with festivals including Cornbury, Lakefest and Witcombe, and venues such as The Sunflower Lounge, The Hare and Hounds and The Castle and Falcon. I started out performing in Cheltenham, and you can now find me performing throughout London - some of my recent shows including Peter Jones (Sloane Square), 26 Leake Street (Waterloo) and The Lucky Pig (Soho). 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities and connections! Get it touch!


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